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Dry needling is a therapy method that treats muscular tension, pain and restricted mobility. This involves inserting sterile, thin needles into specific muscle tissue to deactivate or stimulate it.

By inserting the needle it triggers local reactions in the muscle, which can help with relaxation and pain relief. 

Dry needling should be used in combination with other therapy methods and exercise. 

*We would like to point out that dry needling is not an evidence-based method, but we would still like to offer you this treatment due to many positive experiences.


course of treatment

The use of this technique does not require a specific prescription from the doctor, but can be carried out in a general (sports) physiotherapy session. We use single-use, sterilized needles and guarantee the hygiene measures of the professional association. Before the session you will be informed about the effectiveness. There are no side effects known, when used correctly by professionals. A stabbing pain during the insertion of the needle, muscle twitching, small hematomas or muscle spasms are completely normal and harmless side effects.


possible treatment areas

muscle tension

existing problems after muscle or tendon injuries

jaw discomfort

tennis or golfer's elbow

scar pain



after intensive training or competition sessions


and many more, visit our blog​, to get more information

Dry Needling wird an einem Oberarm einer Person gezeigt.
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