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Frequently asked questions

Appointment booking:

You can book your appointment with us via our online booking tool, by phone (including WhatsApp) or email. Of course, you can also visit us in person if we are not currently in treatment, we are happy to be there for you during our opening hours.


In the event of illness or an accident, the relevant insurance company will cover the costs. However, you must first consult a doctor who will examine you and give an indication for physiotherapy. If you have a prescription, we will send the invoice to the insurance, costs are paid excluding the deductible (deductible does not apply during pregnancy from the 13th week until 8 weeks after birth). The costs are not determined by us, but are based on current rate set by government.

In all other cases, you can also come to us without a doctor's prescription; you can find the treatment costs here.

Please note that the prices for treatments may vary depending on the diagnosis and treatment; we will be happy to discuss the additional costs with you. For example, in the case of a performance analysis, where we can take certain strength measurements, or in the area of women's health, where we need special examination materials, we would have to charge additional costs.


We ask you to cancel your appointment for all booked services on time. We make it as convenient as possible for you with our online booking and Whats App or Combox but give you a deadline of 24 hours. If you (have to) cancel at short notice or miss the appointment without an excuse, we will have to charge you privately for the appointment (even if you have a doctor's prescription).

Start and length of therapy:

The decision on the duration of treatment depends on the diagnosis and the symptoms. We will decide together how you can integrate the appointments into your everyday life. If you have a prescription, it is important that you attend your first appointment with us within 5 weeks of the issue date so that your insurance covers the costs. As a rule, we have 6 months to fulfil a prescription for more than 9 treatment sessions. Depending on the indication, it sometimes makes sense to carry out the therapy twice a week, in other cases a check-up appointment once a month is sufficient.  If further treatment is required, the health insurance company will usually cover 4 x 9 sessions per diagnosis; further sessions must be justified by a doctor.

Duration of treatment:

Thankfully, the costs can be covered by health insurance, but this restricts the treatment time and duration. A physiotherapy prescription includes 9 individual sessions, each lasting 25 minutes. We endeavour to use the time as effectively as possible. You can change in the changing rooms before your appointment and warm up for a few minutes in the endurance area.

If you would like to extend the duration of your therapy, you can book another session directly afterwards, which will then be charged to you privately.


For treatments without a prescription, we offer 25 and 50 minutes, but are more flexible.


We would like to ask you to bring all relevant documents with you to your first appointment. This may include your insurance card, doctor's prescription, treatment and therapy reports, analyses of examinations, training plans and information from your sports club. You are also welcome to email these in advance, we do not need them on paper and treat all documents as strictly confidential. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier with your first appointment to fill out relevant documents before.

Sportswear and a towel are not usually necessary for the first appointment, but you are welcome to change in the changing rooms beforehand.

Group courses and personal trainings:

We also offer group courses and personal training in the field of women's health. These services are provided on a self-pay basis, but can be reimbursed via supplementary insurance if covered. 

Our therapy rooms are located in a training centre with an extensive range of courses, training areas, personal training sessions and a wellness area.

Why Physio Restart?

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us. It is important that we work together as a team. For this to work, you should understand why we recommend which therapeutic measures. If anything is unclear to you, please ask your therapist at any time. Every patient is individual, and it should stay that way. We do not work economically, if your symptoms improve, your goals are achieved and all questions are answered, the therapy will be finished in consultation with the doctor to avoid unnecessary sessions and costs. Continuation of the therapy only makes sense if you actively participate in the therapy and we notice progress after a reasonable period of time.

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