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Manualtherapy is a specialised form of physiotherapywhich focuses on the treatment of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It involves a range of manual techniques used by trained therapists to relieve pain, improve mobility and restore normal joint, muscle and nerve function. It is important to note that the effectiveness can vary depending on the patient's condition and their response to treatment. A comprehensive assessment by a qualified physiotherapist is necessary to develop an appropriate treatment plan tailored to specific needs. At Physio Restart, we have such qualified staff, including those with expertise in the cranio-sacral fieldIn addition, physiotherapy should be used in conjunction with other active-based treatment modalities to achieve optimal results.


course of treatment

Our collaboration begins with a history and physical examination. Based on this, we can set the therapy goals mentioned above and set up suitable measures. What matters is that you bring to us all relevant documents, if you have seen previously a doctor. In the course of this, it is decided how often and for how long physiotherapeutic support is recommended by us. 


Possible treatment areas

rehabilitation after a surgery

conservative therapy to prevent surgery:

dysfunctions in musculoskelettal areas

neurological dysfunctions

instabilities and dysbalances

postural problems

headache, dizziness, tinnitus (cranio-sacral-therapy)

balance disorders

and many more, visit our blog​, to get more information

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