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Your visit at Physio Restart

Updated: Apr 14

PHYSIO RESTART puts great effort in quality and individuality of your treatment and visit.

Therefore we take enough time at the beginning to carry out the anamnesis and examination to learn more about your physical problem, but also about you as a person and your everyday and sporting environment.

During the examination, we use test batteries that can provide us with information about possible causes of your complaints. Test batteries are a series of physical tests and questionnaires that can make the collection of findings more subjective and at the same time more objective and thus standardized. The results of the tests help you to better understand the findings and in the course of the treatment.

Our choice of tests is based on scientific findings, which we update through our courses of study and regular further education.

In the course of the treatments, the tests should be repeated in order to assess your condition and to determine and guide your return to everyday life, sports and competition.

Read more about our screenings: here.

Direct visit Physiotherapy

Since 2006, direct access has been common practice in the Netherlands, with almost half of patients choosing it.

During our bachelor's degree in the Netherlands, master's degree in England and various further educational courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we gained extensive experience with direct access in physiotherapy and sports medicine diagnostics. With direct access, patients can go to physiotherapy without a doctor's prescription.

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate relative and absolute contraindications to physiotherapy treatment. In the absence of this, an examination, assessment and finally treatment follows. Nevertheless, we attach great importance to the expertise of doctors and work together with appropriate practices.

[It was expected] that direct access would improve access to primary care and slightly reduce the workload of GPs. Direct access should bring greater recognition of physiotherapy, but also greater responsibility.

We are happy to face up to this responsibility and assure that we maintain our competence in this area.

Book appointment for Physiotherapy, Massage oder Group classes: here.


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