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Stop-X Prevention und Rehabilitation

Updated: Apr 14

Based on scientific findings, the Stop X training program was developed.

At the Sports Medicine Congress in Berlin, May 2022, where Physio Restart was present, there was a lecture by the Committee for Rehabilitation and Ligament Injuries of the German Knee Society. The content was the presentation of the two training programs Stop X: 1. rehabilitation and 2. prevention of knee injuries.

The Stop X rehabilitation program is divided into: early phase (week 0-6 after injury or surgery), late phase (until week 16) and return to sports.

The program is intended to supplement your individual treatment plan, which is created and carried out with an experienced physiotherapist. It is always based on the specifications of the doctor (if consulted), set goals, on your subjective complaints as well as objective signs of the knee and body that can be seen in physiotherapy.

The brochure accompanies you through the different phases and offers you simple but important exercises to perform independently. Tailor-made examinations and tests in the physiotherapy sessions evaluate your progress in the individual rehabilitation phases and adapt the exercises and management according to criteria.

Champions are not made in training halls. Champions are made by something they carry within them: a desire, a dream, a vision. They need extraordinary perseverance, they need to be a little faster, they need the skills and the will. But the will to win must be stronger than the abilities. Muhammed Ali Boxer

The Stop X prevention program is designed to help you identify possible deficits and prevent knee injuries through special training.

The exercises accompany you in your usual, sport-specific training plan and the physiotherapeutic interventions. The areas of functional diagnostics, running exercises, mobilizations, activations and a neuromuscular training are integrated. By that, you work on maintaining or even improving your strength, coordination, speed, balance and overall performance.

Physio Restart is handing out those brochures in case you are interested in topping your condition. PR is happy to show you how the exercises look, work and should be individually adapted to your needs.

Get in touch with any questions and / or needs by booking an appointment.

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Anneke Penny

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