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Sex and Gender Medicine: certificate of advanced studies

Aktualisiert: 14. Apr.

“Integrating sex and gender analysis into medical research and clinical practice ensures that everyone across the whole of society benefits from excellent health care. This course instructs physicians and medical researchers in how sex and gender interact in the human body across the life course. It’s a crucial part of medical education”. Prof. Londa Schiebinger

Gender-specific medicine is still a neglected topic and receives little attention in clinical practice and science. Biological sex (sex) and socio-cultural differences (gender) have a significant influence on the epidemiology, pathology and manifestation of various diseases and medical findings.

But to what extent do we understand the difference between sex and gender? How often do we see a confusion of these two quite noteworthy differences?

I participated as the first group of this CAS, which included 11 modules and taught the latest findings of this specific medicine and motivated us to advance attention and research in this area.

  1. Cardiology

  2. Onkology und Gynaecology

  3. Neurology und Psychiatry

  4. Muskuloskelettal and rheumatic Medicine

  5. Endocrinology

  6. Primary Health Care

  7. Study design and Research

I wrote my thesis on: Sex and Gender Differences in Sleep: the Influence of the Menstrual Cycle. A very exciting topic about which I tell you more in another blog post on the website. The importance of sleep (


Anneke Penny

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