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We also speak fluent English, partly Italian/Spanish/French !




Here you can expect professional competence, individual and goal-oriented advice and treatment.

We maintain a good network

with other disciplines to

optimize your care.

Recognized by the Swiss Red Cross. Costs taken over by health insurance or accident insurance, including the number of the register of payment offices. Services on a private basis are also possible.


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Maintainment and improvement of your health conservatively, preventive or after surgery.

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Interventions for pre-, postnatal, pelvic floor, sexual health, and areas related to hormonal women-specific diagnoses.

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Specialization to treat (myofascial) pain points using acupuncture needles or manual techniques.

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Rehabilitation and prevention as well as close supervision in the sporting environment.

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Treatments for the optimal function of the female pelvic floor, standardized measurements, treatments and consultations.

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Check-up of current health and training status with valuable tips for preventing injuries.

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Independent training with supervision in the sense of a rehabilitation program. 

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Treatment and counseling offers during pregnancy, all aspects of childbirth and postnatal recovery.

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Treatment in your domestic or professional environment, if the access to our locaton is difficult to achieve.

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Manual techniques for pain relief and improvement of function.

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We offer various medical massages on a self-pay basis, focussing primarily on regeneration.


Physioraum Nummer 1, hier sieht man die Ausstattung des Raumes. Therapieliege, Schreibtisch, Stuhl, Regal, Waschbecken etc.

The Physio Restart GmbH clinic is located on the ground floor of the fitness luxor studio - at Paradeplatz in district 2 of Zurich.

At Luxor, you can purchase daily, monthly or annual subscriptions

(for fitness and spa).

Luxor Fitness Zurich - Your gym in the heart of Zurich (

Physioraum Nummer 1, hier sieht man die Ausstattung des Raumes. Therapieliege, Schreibtisch, Stuhl, Regal,  etc.



Mo 7:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m

Tue 7:30 - 7:30

We 7:30 - 07:30

Thu 7:30 - 07:15

Fri 7:30 - 4:15


Physio Restart c/o Luxor Fitness

Glärnischstrasse 35, CH-8002 Zurich | +41 78 230 14 55


Thank you very much!

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