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In addition to our physiotherapy services, we also offer massage treatments
A massage is a therapeutic practice performed by targeted pressing, kneading and rubbing of muscles and soft tissues of the body. It can be used to relax, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, promote healing of injuries and generally improve well-being. Massages can include a variety of techniques and styles, ranging from gentle, relaxing touches to deeper, more vigorous movements. 
Ideally, massage treatments should always be combined with an active lifestyle and exercise in everyday life.


course of treatment

To make an appointment, you are welcome to register online via our website (book an appointment here), contact us by phone or leave an e-mail.
Please note that our treatments may not be covered by your supplementary insurance, as we have a different billing number as a physiotherapy practice. Please check with your insurance company in advance.


possible treatment areas

for the rehabilitation and prevention of:

any muscle tension
for headaches
after an intensive training
during or after pregnancy
for postural problems
in preparation for competitions
for general (also psychological) discomfort

and many more, visit our blog to find out more

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