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Sports physical therapy is a specialized area of physical therapy that focuses on the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. In rehabilitation after injury, we work closely with you and your environment to restore your abilities, as well as ensure you are able to return to your sport. Our goal is also to improve your athletic performance. To do this, training programs can be developed to meet your individual needs and goals. We analyze your techniques and behavior patterns to reduce stress on joints and muscles and minimize the risk of injury.


course of treatment

Our cooperation begins with an anamnesis and physical examination. Based on this, we can set the above-mentioned therapy goals and establish appropriate measures. It is important that you bring all relevant documents to your first appointment, if you have been to a doctor before. In the course of the treatment, we will decide how often and for how long we recommend physiotherapeutic support.


possible treatment areas

Rehabilitation after surgery

Conservative therapy to prevent surgery:

ankle sprain

ligament or muscle strain or rupture


capsular sprain

cartilage injury

overuse trauma

dislocation or dislocation of joints


muscular imbalances

meniscus tear

fracture (broken bone) or stress fracture

inadequate training

inguinal hernia

and many more, visit our blog​, to get more information

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