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Anneke und Oliver sind dargestellt sitzend auf einer Treppe.

We would like to support you in your return to everyday life, work and sport with a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. We value effectiveness and efficiency and base our therapy planning on the latest scientific findings.

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The services are billed either with a medical prescription to the health-, accident insurance or alternatively without prescription privately to you.


 Appointments not cancelled in a timely manner

will be billed in all cases privately. 

Treatment with prescription:

the invoice is sent directly to the insurance company by us


Treatment without prescription:

you will receive the invoice by e-mail or pay directly on site, costs may be settled via supplementary insurance

25 Min 85 CHF

50 Min 160 CHF

For examinations that require special equipment, additional fee may apply, we will inform you about that beforehand

To the individual services:

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