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General physiotherapy includes a variety of techniques aimed at improving your physical function, mobility and quality of life. Together, we define therapy goals to be achieved through a variety of interventions during sessions with us and at home. For optimal results, we support you in maintaining personal responsibility and motivation. At Physio Restart, we work closely with other medical professionals to ensure you receive comprehensive and coordinated care.


course of treatment

Our collaboration begins with a history and physical examination. Based on this, we can set the therapy goals mentioned above and set up suitable measures. What matters is that you bring to us all relevant documents, if you have seen previously a doctor. In the course of this, it is decided how often and for how long physiotherapeutic support is recommended by us. 


possible treatment areas

rehabilitation after a surgery

conservative therapy to prevent surgery:

back or neck pain


postural problems

headache, dizziness

balance disorders

osteoarthritis and rheumatic complaints

golfer's and tennis elbow

carpal tunnel syndrome






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Eine Person liegt am Boden und hat eine Hantel in der Hand mit der eine Übung gezeigt wird.
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