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Medical Exercise Therapy (MTT) is a method of physical therapy treatment that aims to get you through targeted physical exercises in the restoration of bodily functions. It is usually used for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, after injuries or operations or for chronic pain. The MTT includes an individual training plan tailored to you. The plan includes exercises to improve strength, endurance, mobility and coordination as well as aim  stabilization. The exercises can be carried out using training equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, balance boards and special training machines.

This is often done after a physiotherapeutic treatment. A pre-requisite is a medical prescription, we may have to issue a cost approval to the insurance company in advance, as it is not a mandatory benefit, especially with accident insurance. Ideally, after this training, the transition to sports takes place.


course of treatment

For the first session, the confirmation of the cost commitment must be present. Contact us in advance so that we can provide this to your insurance company. Before you can start training, it is important that we know your current state of health and any previous treatment process, if this took place externally. Ideally, we carried out the individual physiotherapy sessions together in advance. The MTT is usually for 3 months with a certain number of training sessions (9-36x) set by the insurance company. With us you will receive an individual training plan adapted to you. The premises of the fitness luxor are used for this. Luxor Fitness Zurich - Your gym in the heart of Zurich (


duration and costs

Physiotherapy with a prescription: 

3 months with 9-36 training units, we bill the health or accident insurance directly


possible treatment areas

often as the end point of a previous rehabilitation 

after trauma and injury

chronic ailments such as back problems

overweight (obesity)


cardiovascular diseases

pulmonary dysfunction

and many more, visit our blog​, to get more information


appointment booking

For the medical exercise therapy to be carried out, a cost approval must be present of the insurance company in advance. You would have to send us the required documents in advance so that we can make the request for you.

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