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Perfomance analysis


  • Isometric strength measurement, jumping ability, posture using Kinvent

  • Functional movement analysis by means of FMS (available from August 2023)

  • Jumping and balance ability by means of OPED (Y-balance, jumps)

  • Questionnaires for subjective assessment


Sports medicine is an important area in medicine, which requires permanent progress and innovation to enhance the performance, health and wellbeing of athletic people. In recent years, sports medicine has made important advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and diseases. An important trend is the increasing use of technology. This includes, for example, the use of wearables.

One aim of our physio check-up is to identify potential problems or injuries before they cause serious discomfort or disability. We run series of tests and evaluations to determine your strengths and weaknesses and identify potential problems. Based on the results of the check-up, an individual plan is drawn up, tailored to specific needs and goals. We can give you recommendations how to improve physical fitness and health

Returning to sport after injury or a longer break requires careful planning and preparation to ensure the body is ready to resume athletic activity. Our physio check-up is also suitable for this.




We perform special examinations in the presence of injuries and complaints as a status determination (if necessary for return to sport) or even without any symptoms as a preventive measure. If necessary, a consultation with a doctor, coach or personal trainer will take place afterwards. If tests are carried out, you will receive your personal evaluation as a PDF afterwards. Read more about each in our blog.

Anamnesis in individual conversation

Physical examination incl. test batteries (Kinvent, FMS, Oped, questionnaires)

Physiotherapeutic diagnosis

Goal setting

Multidisciplinary management if necessary


duration and costs

initial appointment: 50 minutes (excl. warm-up)

200 CHF* 

*if billing via medical prescription is desired, this must be clarified by a physician and the appointments divided into 2x25 minutes.


follow-up appointments:

25 or 50 minutes

90 respectively 180 CHF

5 subscription* follow-up appointments:

25 minutes

580 CHF

*useful to repeat measurements and assess progress.

Appointments not canceled in a timely manner will be billed privately.


appointment booking

If you are interested in this service, please contact us. For the performance of the services, certain premises must be available and certain preparations be made. Please mention which body area and/or injury is involved.

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