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GOTS (Sports medicine)

The German-Austrian-Swiss Society for Orthopedic-Traumatological Sports Medicine (GOTS) is the world's second largest association of sports orthopaedists and sports traumatologists. It is the first address in the care of sports injuries and thus a guarantee for seriousness, competence, experience as well as advice and quality in sports traumatology care.


Anneke has been on the board of the Young Academy for several years.  This is aimed specifically at medical students, young sports scientists, biomechanists and physiotherapists. It is intended to give the opportunity to gain an interdisciplinary insight into sports medicine and the congress industry.

GOTS Sports Medicine Society

Logo Physitrack


We have been using Physitrack since March 2023This program allows us to create under good privacy conditions training programs for you, to send questionnaires, to communicate with you and thus to be able to influence your therapy success. The programs are created to suit your conditions and goals and can be changed at any time. You will receive videos on how to perform the exercises, exact parameters of how they should be performed and individual instructions on what you should pay attention to. The online use and app is completely free for you. Accessible anytime and anywhere.

Physitrack® - The world leader in remote patient care


Kinvent (performance analysis)

KINVENT was founded in 2017 by Athanase Kollias, based in Montpellier, France. The company makes it possible to measure and track strength, balance and range of motion side by side through precise biofeedback data. The goal is to make treatment processes in rehabilitation more effective and to be able to give individual training recommendations on a preventive level.

We use the K-Pull (traction dynamometer), K-Push (hand held dynamometer) and K-Deltas (elite force plates) at Physio Restart.


Logo von dem Fussballclub, mit dem wir arbeiten.
Logo vom Schweizer Fussballverband

Football (SC Wirkungen and SFV)

The SC Wipkingen club has been a partner for Physio Restart since the 2022 season. We accompany some players towards performance optimization and during the rehabilitation periods. The club has existed since 1919 and has a wide range of teams. 

SC Wipkingen

Physio Restart has been supporting the FC Rüti men's 1st team since the beginning of 2024. The support includes physiotherapy treatments during training during the week and on the sidelines at matches at the weekend. In the event of existing injuries, we also support them outside of training.

Anneke is also a jumper as a sports physiotherapist for the Swiss Football Association. Occasionally she accompanies the various teams in their training camp, to the games (international) and performance tests.


Theragun Logo
THERABODY (Theragun Pro)

We have the option of using the Theragun Pro (5th edition) for your treatment. This device can support a simple massage with different levels of vibration/percussion for almost all areas of the body. Useful for relieving stress and tension, to promote your recovery and thus improve your performance again.

Due to its design, the Theragun is also very easy to use yourself and can be supplemented with various attachments.

Theragun Pro

Logo Functional Movement Screen

Functional movement screen

The FMS is a measuring device for standardized movement screening. With the help of the measuring plate and a rod, we can analyze your movement patterns regardless of how old, tall or heavy you are, what sport and what job you do. Your mobility and stability are measured, which can help us to more precisely target your individual treatment and training plan. The use of the FMS requires specific training from a professional.


Functional Movement Systems

SENTOSA CARE (post-natal support retreat)

Sentosa includes a broad-based, dedicated team that provides individualized support to mothers in the postpartum period. Physio Restart is part of the team! Areas such as nutrition, exercise, mental health practices, sleep and many more are applied in the 1:1 retreat. The post-natal support takes place with the team in your home or in one of their partner 5 star hotels. They offer different programs that can be chosen by the clients according to their needs and can last several days in a row or even weeks.

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