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Master of Science

Updated: Apr 8

Happy to received my Master's degree certificate officially on paper.

After graduating a year ahead of schedule in July 2021, the results were confirmed by the Examination Board in December 2021. Now the paper flew over from London.

I can look back on three great years and am thankful for the experiences I also had in the operating theatre and during the medical consultations in expert clinics. It was great that therapists, doctors, sports scientists, strength and conditioning coaches and osteopaths studied together in this Master's programme. I was able to learn a lot about their work and responsibilities in everyday professional life. This included, for example, diagnostics of sports injuries, indications/ contraindications of imaging procedures, rehab for athletes or surgical interventions.

I was fascinated by the British healthcare system, which I can now compare with my Bachelor's degree in the Netherlands and my self-employment in Switzerland to optimise the responsibilities for my patients.

Special thanks goes to my family, especially my mum, who was a great friend until the end (I.M Mum).


Anneke Penny

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