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Sports Medicine Congress Luxembourg

Updated: Apr 14

Physio Restart attended the 38th Annual Congress of the Society for Orthopaedic Traumatology Sports Medicine (GOTS) to learn about the latest evidence in sports medicine.

The congress is a meeting of all members and interested persons of sports medicine, including physicians, physiotherapists, trainers, sports scientists, nutrition therapists, etc. During three days, different topics will be addressed, where experts will give an insight into their work and the scientific state of research. There will be discussion panels and the opportunity to expand the network. Furthermore, there is the possibility to get to know the latest products in the industrial exhibition, which may be relevant for us in practice. We also find it exciting to look into the work of the doctors so we know what surgical techniques they may be using on our patients.

Below you will find a short overview of the program.

Top topics

  • Sports injuries from head to toe - from prevention to diagnostics and therapy

  • Focus: cycling, triathlon, Olympic martial arts

  • "My most difficult case in sports orthopedics/traumatology"

  • Sports physiotherapy and science

  • Competition Medicine

  • Ethics and Safeguarding in Sport

More highlights

  • GOTS Committee Updates Spine, Prevention, Pediatric Sports Orthopaedics, Registry, Functional Diagnostics, Muscle/Tendon, Concussion, Disabled Sports

  • GOTS meets Scientific Partners

  • International top athletes

  • Hands on workshops and instructional courses

  • Nutrition strategies in sports

  • Re-Live-Surgery

Another highlight was the visit to the Coque: Coque Luxembourg - piscine, sauna, fitness et hôtel au luxembourg with the Young Academy (picture below).

The Coque is the national sports and cultural center in Luxembourg. At the moment, they are still building the recovery center, where, in addition to the cold chamber, there will also be saunas and other facilities to promote regeneration. In the Coque we got an insight into the performance diagnostics: in the strength area with instruction on the execution of the squat with barbell, in the bike training in an altitude chamber, how a lactate measurement is carried out on the ergobike as well as the structure of the change of direction training as return to sport on the speed court.

Right: Speed Court. Practical tools for training guidance in the return to sport process (accelerate, deccelerate, change of direction)

Left: strength area, in which we learned the squatting technique with bars

On Thursday Anneke took part in the first aid course, which gave her theoretical and practical instructions on resuscitation and defibrillator training on the sports field (we hope to never have to use this, of course). It is important to know what to do in case of emergency and therefore we see it as our duty to educate ourselves regularly especially about the practice.

As a conclusion we visited the IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg - Région Moselle - Anything is Possible. Oliver participated as a relay team, together with Nicole and Elena. Oliver completed the 3rd discipline, the running, after he already rode his road bike from Basel to Luxembourg on Thursday as well as did a road bike tour with former Tour de France and Tour de Suisse winners on Saturday. The result of the Ironman was great, 5:14:47, 428th out of 2,078 participants.


Anneke und Oliver Penny

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