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Performance analysis

Updated: Apr 14

New at Physio Restart: The performance analysis. We would like to expand our physiotherapy services by assessing your mobility, strength and posture using various methods and thus treat more precisely on the one hand, but also optimize your health and training design on the other hand.

One intervention would be the screening with Kinvent: deltas, pull and push. With three different devices we can now measure your performance, your training progress, your rehabilitation and may take part in injury risk prevention. We'll introduce you to all three in this post. At the end of this text you can find all the information on how to book your assessment and how it works.

Kinvent is based in France and offers various products that can make our collaboration as physiotherapists with you even more precise, varied and successful.

1. K-Deltas Elite Force Plates

These are two measuring plates that measure your jumping ability and load distribution on your feet or hands during different positions. For example, during an upright two-leg stand we can assess how you distribute your body weight on your feet and where on the foot you place your body's center of gravity (more in front, in the middle or behind, inside or outside?). We can do the same for the one-leg stand or with eyes closed. It is also possible to do jumps. Jumps from the squat position, jumps from an elevation, one-legged jumps and landings and others.

By using it, we can evaluate your rehab progress: where are you now? What deficits can we still address? How close are you to returning to sports and competition? We can also preventively screen you for asymmetries that you should be aware of in your training.

2. K-Pull

This device is attached to a belt and fixed object (on the training surface in fitness luxor). The latter allows to test your maximum strength potential without the need for resistance from us therapists. Based on different movement executions, we can evaluate your isometric strength, your strength ratios in side-by-side comparison (for example left and right anterior thigh muscle) as well as endurance. The K-Pull is particularly suitable for the lower extremity. As an evaluation you receive the measured strength, but also data on the second in which you reach your peak, when you fatigue and how you stand in comparison to people of the same age, height and weight.

3. K-Push

Lightweight and versatile, the K-Push is designed to meet the need for quick assessment. With its accessories, the maximum and isometric force of almost 40 muscle groups can be measured without the need for an object. We tend to use it for the upper extremity (trunk, shoulder, arms and head).


By booking online (here) you can make an appointment for the measurement. Click on: Power Analysis (kinvent). We ask you to tell us in advance which test you want to do. You can specify this in your booking or let us know separately by mail or in person. We ask that you warm up thoroughly before the start of the appointment, as the measurement will ask for your maximum strength potential. Use the endurance area on the first floor and choose a piece of equipment that matches the muscle group you are testing. Your warm-up should increase your heart rate (HR average of about 50-60% of your maximum heart rate). We will send you a document with further information in advance by e-mail.

Do you have questions? In need of an assessment? Contact us.

More information about the tools: Homepage - Kinvent Physio.


Anneke und Oliver Penny

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